Is hiring an Attorney really necessary?

It depends on the situation but we recommend you ask an attorney what the consequences may be if you donít use legal representation. Also you should consider that by taking legal matters into your own hands, you might end up not accomplishing what you wanted to do in the first place Ė and need to turn to an attorney anyway. Just as you would see a doctor for answers to your health concerns, itís best to consult with an attorney for your legal matters.

What are your fees?

At Barry M. Rosenbloom, Ltd., fees are determined by the nature and intricacies of the services needed. For example, a Real Estate closing may have a flat-rate fee but no two lawsuits are alike and we would charge according to time and complexity. Rest assured we review and thoroughly explain our fees upfront.

Who will represent me in my case?

Barry M. Rosenbloom will be the attorney representing you.

Your office is in Buffalo Grove - Do you represent clients and Real Estate closings out of the area?

Absolutely; we serve clients in Chicago, Cook County, Lake County, Mc Henry County, Will County, Kane County, Winnebago County and Du Page County.

How do I get started?

Mutual respect and an open line of communication are the cornerstone of our firm. Please call Barry M. Rosenbloom at 847-383-6126 or email, and we will make sure that all your immediate questions and concerns are addressed. We are available to meet for consultations Monday through Friday and are happy to accommodate evening and weekend appointments as well.

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